Autonomous System 62078

Peering coordinator (NOC)


The policy is open as long as the peer agrees with the following rules:

  • Peer may only send traffic to destinations announced by AS62078
  • Peer may only send traffic originating from their own / customer networks
  • Peer must not point static routes towards AS62078
  • Peer must not leak any routes from upstream/peering
  • Peer must not redistribute AS62078 prefixes to upstream/peering
  • Peer must operate an NOC which is reachable by E-Mail
  • Peer must cooperate in any case of abuse
  • Peer must announce prefixes, otherwise we'll deconfigure the session
  • We do not set up any new IPv4-only-Peerings
  • We are happy to peer but will not provide any BGP support


  • MD5 Authentication is strongly preferred
  • Prefixes shorter than /24 will be discarded (IPv4)
  • Prefixes shorter than /48 will be discarded (IPv6)
  • Bogon prefixes will be discarded
  • Prefixes with any Private ASN in AS_PATH will be discarded
  • Prefixes with invalid NEXT_HOP will be discarded
  • Prefix Limits will be used for all peerings
  • GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN community supported!

Points of Presence

Das Werkhaus (Accelerated), Frankfurt

Kruppstrasse 105, DE-60388 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

KleyReX Internet Exchange

ASN: 62078


Prefix limit: 5 (IPv4), 10 (IPv6)


IPv6: 2001:7f8:33::a106:2078:1

Originated Prefixes




BGP Communities

Community Large Community Remarks
62078:10 62078:0:10 Originated by AS62078
62078:1000 62078:10:0 Any transit prefix
62078:1001 62078:10:1 - Meerfarbig GmbH
62078:1002 62078:10:2 - Hurricane Electric (IPv6)
62078:1003 62078:10:3 - Configo GmbH
62078:2000 62078:20:0 Any peering prefix
62078:2001 62078:20:1 - KleyReX
62078:3000 62078:30:0 Any full customer prefix
62078:4000 62078:40:0 Any partial customer prefix
62078:50xx 62078:50:xx Prefix learned in... (continental)
62078:5001 62078:50:1 - Europe
62078:51xx 62078:51:xx Prefix learned in... (country)
62078:5101 62078:51:1 - Germany
62078:52xx 62078:52:xx Prefix learned in... (city)
62078:5201 62078:52:1 - Frankfurt am Main